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    The sky is the limit when technology and film are combined to create breathtaking aerial photography. We work with our clients to meet their

    needs, creating stunning video to showcase your property or event.  We pride ourselves on delivering nothing less than perfection to our clients.  We apply 

    sound principles of safe special flight operations in compliance with Transport Canada's Regulations.  Each job site is different and therefore requires  

    a different approach for optimal video quality.  We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope.

    Our state of the art  multirotor UAV/ drone delivers amazing video with precision and stability.  A camera is mounted to the copter with a specialized gimble and     video downlink. On Screen Display telemetry with primary flight information allows for remote cockpit perspective and control.  All together, this

    technology results in smooth and precise video footage.  We are insured under Global Aerospace Insurance.  

   Video Editing


    In addition to filming, we can create breathtaking videos using the raw footage.  Using professional editing software, your stunning aerial shots will be

    exemplified using smooth transitions, customizable captions and logos, and optional sound or music.  All videos are tailored to your unique needs.  

   Who we are

   Brad Nesbitt
     UAV pilot/ ground supervisor

Passionate about anything aviation, Brad has been building and flying radio-controlled fixed

wing airplanes, collective pitch helicopters and now multi rotor aircraft for over

15 years.  Brad is a licensed Radio Operator and has attended Humber Collage UAV Ground School &

Private Pilot Training at Island Air Ground School which enables him to fly UAVs in controlled air space

for Special Flight Operations Certified aerial work in Canada and the United States.

Combining his experienced flying skills with cutting edge drone technology,

Brad is sculpting the future in film, going where the camera has never gone before.

   Janice Wozniak
     Assistant Operations Manager

Janice is assistant operations manager and co-editor.  With an

artistic eye and a background in photography, she loves turning stunning aerial

footage into a polished video.  

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